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January 08 2014

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January 05 2014

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January 04 2014

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December 17 2013

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November 17 2013

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September 17 2013

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February 03 2013

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January 29 2013

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January 27 2013

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January 25 2013

eat tofu, go vegan!
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go veggie!
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January 16 2013

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Vegan Swabian banquet (à la Forêt-Noire)

Vegan Swabian banquet: fennel soup, mache salad with walnuts, porcini ravioli, Black Forest plate with soy steak and spätzle, Black Forest cupcakes. Lots and lots of regional Black Forest beer. 50 people adored it last weekend.

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December 08 2012

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